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Terms and Conditions

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Updating and Amending the information

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MesasyBarras shall do its utmost to avoid any errors in the contents that may be posted on this platform However MesasyBarras does not guarantee, and neither does it accept any liability whatsoever for any consequences that may be derived from any errors in contents that may appear, provided by third parties.

MesasyBarras does not accept any liability whatsoever for any contents, business or commercial activities, products and services that Users may view, directly or indirectly, through electronic links contained in this platform. The presence of links on MesasyBarras is solely for informational purposes and in no way constitutes a suggestion, invitation or recommendation concerning the same. These links do not represent any kind of relationship between MesasyBarras and the private individuals or businesses owning the websites to which these links may lead.

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MesasyBarras reserves the right to prevent or block access to any Internet user who posts any content on this platform which is in breach of law or immoral, reserving the right to exercise the legal means considered appropriate to prevent conduct of this nature.

Browsing, access and security

Your access to, and use of this platform shall be deemed to constitute your knowledge and acceptance of the legal notices, terms and conditions of use contained therein. MesasyBarras makes every effort to ensure ideal conditions for browsing and to avoid any damages whatsoever that may occur while doing so.

The MesasyBarras platform has been designed for use by website browsers and mobile applications, however MesasyBarras accepts no liability for any damages, of any nature, that may be incurred by users during such browsing.

Access to transactional services and to any services which may include personal data capture, is secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 128 bit encryption. The secure server establishes a connection to ensure that the information is transmitted in encrypted form. This ensures the encryption of communications between the customer's computer and the MesasyBarras's server. A secure environment is indicated by a closed padlock symbol on the browser status bar. The security guarantee of our servers is supported by a certificate issued by the company Verisign. This certificate guarantees that the customer is submitting data to a server pertaining to MesasyBarras and not to a bogus server.

MesasyBarras shall not be held liable, and neither does it guarantee the uninterrupted or error-free access to this Platform. Likewise, MesasyBarras waives any responsibility for, and does not guarantee that any contents or software which may be accessed are error free or will not cause damage. MesasyBarras shall be in on way liable for any losses, damages or harm whatsoever resulting from accessing or using this website or app, including, but not limited to, those caused to computer systems or caused by infection with viruses. MesasyBarras shall not be liable for any damages to users caused by the inappropriate use of this platform. Specifically, MesasyBarras is in no way liable for any crashes, interruptions, absence or inadequacy of telecommunications that may occur in operations of a financial nature.

Intellectual and industrial property

The MesasyBarras platform and its contents are protected under the Intellectual Property laws. The contents may not be subject to exploitation, reproduction, distribution, public disclosure, transfer or alteration. Access to this website does not grant users any right or entitlement over the intellectual property rights of the website contents.

The platform contents may be downloaded to the user's terminal, provided that this is for private use and for non-commercial purposes; therefore, the contents of this platform may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, amended, publicly disclosed, transferred, altered or used for public or commercial purposes.

MesasyBarras does not transfer the ownership of its software to users. The user is the owner of the software data carrier. MesasyBarras holds all the industrial and intellectual property rights, including the software. Should the user transfer software from this platform to his/her terminal, then this must not be deconstructed for study, or decompiled, neither must the source code version or its language be translated into another code or language.

The trade name, brands, logo, products and services contained in this platform are protected by law.

ReservOn reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against any user who breaches or infringes the intellectual or industrial property rights.

Personal data protection

By visiting this website, the user is not required to provide any personal information. When collecting data, we will indicate whether the said data is optional or mandatory. Any refusal to provide mandatory data shall entail the failure to provide or the impossibility to access the service for which the data was requested. Likewise, voluntary data may be provided in order to offer optimum services.

Should platform users be required to provide their e-mail address or other personal data in order to access the MesasyBarras services, then such data shall solely be used to correctly comply with the user's request and shall not be transferred to third parties. Such data shall be deleted on completion of the service required.

Should the user voluntarily join MesasyBarras then his/her personal data shall be securely conserved, and the user shall have the right to remove, update or amend such data.

Access to this platform may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small data items stored on the user's browser to enable the server to remember certain information that can subsequently only be read by the server installing such data. Cookies generally have a limited life. Cookies do not allow contact with the user's phone number, e-mail address or any other means of contact. Cookies cannot gain access to information on the user's hard drive or steal personal information. Users who do not wish to receive cookies or who wish to be notified of any action directed at inserting a cookie, should configure their browser accordingly.

Although users may opt to reject the processing of their data or information by rejecting the use of cookies through the appropriate browser settings, however it should be noted that this may affect some of the functions available on this website.

All those persons whose personal data has been subjected to processing, may freely exercise their rights to object to, access, update and remove their data under the terms provided for by Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection. These rights may be exercised through one of the following channels:

In writing, by sending a request together with proof of identity, to the following address:

Federación Española de Hostelería

Camino de las huertas, nº 18 - 1ª planta. 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón - Madrid

By fax, sending your request together with proof of identity to number +34 91 352 91 56, addressed to "Atención de Datos Personales" (For the attention of Personal Data).

In compliance with Law 56/2007, on Measures to Promote the Information Society, users may also make the request by e-mail to the following address, digitally signing the request by means of the Spanish electronic National Identity Document (DNI) with no further proof of identity required in this case.

Additional contents

Bookings Policy: If the user makes use of the on-line bookings service, then MesasyBarras shall transfer the user's personal data to the establishment booked by the user, for the correct completion of the service.

Once the booking date has ended, then MesasyBarras shall cancel and destroy any personal data, unless the user has voluntarily joined the platform.

The establishment shall be obliged to correctly use and dispose of the personal data transferred by MesasyBarras, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection regulations, and is solely responsible, holding the platform harmless from any liability.

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